Quick Guide to Vinyl Cutters

Quick Guide to Vinyl Cutters

Quick Guide Vinyl Cutters, Vinyl Print & Cut Transfers

We have created a quick guide about Vinyl Cutters, Vinyl Print & Cut Transfers.

Using a cutter or print and cutter to create vinyl heat transfers has for the longest time been the preferred way to decorate sports jersey, school jerseys, sports uniforms and polyester and polyester blend garments. A typical application of this process is to fit numbers and names onto the back of Jerseys.

In the Commercial world this process has become less used as DTF (Direct to Film) has become the preferred method, mainly due to the easy of doing high resolution prints with fine detail and does not have the need to weed the Design. That said in recent time there has been an explosion of home hobbyists taking up and creating their own T Shirts and Apparel using the relatively inexpensive Circuit and Cricut ready to use machines.

The Home printing using the Circut and Cricut vinyl cutters is a great hobby and can bring hours of enjoyment, creating a T Shirt and giving it as a gift to someone special that appreciates the effort that you have put in is just a wonderful feeling.

With some great accessories and a huge range of colours and finishes in the materials that these cutters can use to produce unique pieces of artwork is growing every day. One of the Online stores that you can purchase your Vinyl, Foil and other specialty products is ADZON, they are based on the gold coast and we would recommend them as your go to for consumables, they also have some great tips and tricks for the home hobbyist.

Another option is the print and cut Transfers, a great machine for this is the Roland BN20, while not a cheap option like the Circut and Cricut vinyl cutters it gives you the ability to do Full Colour prints and have cut lines around the image for a professional look. This method was in the past one of the main ways a Print On Demand Business did difficult materials, such as Polyester.

As time has moved on Commercial printing has moved away from Vinyl Cutters, Vinyl Print & Cut Transfers due to the large amount of Labor required to create the transfers.

We have had several of our customers come and talk to us about how they are starting an online T Shirt Business with the Circut and Cricut as the way they are going to decorate their T Shirts and Apparel, while we think it is great that people want to create their own e-commerce empire, we want you all to be aware of how long it can take to create your transfers, after you cut the material and weed out the unwanted vinyl it can take up a lot of time. One of the better options might be finding someone to supply your designs in DTF (Direct to Film) transfers.

When you are using a Vinyl Cut Transfers, you will achieve far superior results if you use a Heat Press, even a budget press will give much better outcomes over one of the cheap Iron On equipment sold with the Circut and Cricut vinyl cutters, while the cost is a lot more, you will not regret getting a Heat Press to fit your transfers.

One of the important things, when creating a Vinyl Transfers, is to use good quality Vinyl as cheap vinyl on dark coloured garments can have colour migration into the vinyl and this will cause the print colours to look off.

Vinyl Transfers can be fitted to most fabric but is most suitable to Cotton & Synthetics.

While this is only a quick guide we hope it helps you on your decoration road, and helps you avoid some of the pitfalls.

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