Sportage T-Shirts and Apparel Established in 1999: Quality and Style at a Competitive Price


Sportage T-Shirts and Apparel Established in 1999: Quality and Style at a Competitive Price


Sportage has found its niche in the Australian market as a quality brand that sells at a competitive price. Its consistency in using combed cotton fabric provides comfort and a soft feel to its products, making Sportage a popular brand that people love to wear. Let’s take a closer look at Sportage’s range of products.


Sportage offers a wide range of t-shirts, including soft cotton fitted Fashion tees, heavier weight long sleeve Hawkins tees, and the iconic Surf tee, which is the brand’s best-selling item. The Surf tee is a lovely 185gsm combed cotton tee that is always consistent in quality and comes in a broad range of colours in men’s, ladies, and kids’ sizes. For budget-priced t-shirts, Sportage offers the Chillout tee and the Event tee, which are both excellent options.

Polo Shirts

Sometimes you need a collar, and Sportage offers two types of polo shirts: the Delta polo and the Raven polo. The Delta polo is a beautiful tight woven pique-knit polo that is 100% combed cotton, durable, and classy. It weighs 230gsm and is slightly more expensive than the Raven polo, which is a poly-cotton shirt that is still suitable for many industries or casual wear.

Singlets and Tank Tops

The Sportage Collection includes singlets in three styles – the Somerset, the Laguna, and the Sportz singlet, which is perfect for a workout. Sportage also produces a very cool tank top known as the Action Tank, which is popular with the in-crowd.

Winter Wear

Winter wear is a significant part of the Sportage range, and the most desired garment in this range is the 310gsm Marshall pullover hoodie with kangaroo pockets. This hoodie is rated right up there among the best available in the market place and yet its price is so much lower than similar competitors. Its close friend is called the Jarvis, which is a full zip hoodie with all the same features. These two styles are made with 80% cotton content, which ensures that printing a design will bring very good results. And then there is the Tacoma Sloppy Joe, which is a fleecy jumper with the same 80% cotton, 310gsm weight as used in Sportage hoodies.

Hospitality Apparel

For those in hospitality, Sportage drill cotton aprons with or without a pocket will suit any restaurant or kitchen and are durable in any circumstances.


Sportage has evolved over the past 25 years to know its strengths and what the market wants from it. The brand is always looking to improve in all areas and is here for the long haul, respecting and including everyone. Whether you need t-shirts, polo shirts, singlets, tank tops, winter wear, or hospitality apparel, Sportage has you covered. Choose Sportage for quality and style at a competitive price.

About the Guest Author Ted B.

Ted is the Sales Manager for Sportage, a brand that specialises in quality apparel at competitive prices. With over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, Ted has been instrumental in growing the Sportage brand in the Australian market. He is passionate about providing customers with high-quality products that they love to wear, and he is always looking for new ways to improve the brand and exceed customer expectations.

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